Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tee Leong & Shouh Shiang portrait shoot

last weekend, i manage to pull of a few portrait shoot of a friend during her actual wedding day. Congratulation Shouh Shiang and Tee Leong! I hope you guys love the photos as much as i love them! ^.^

there will be more to come on their wedding day morning session photos! Thanks again SS and Leong for the chance for me to participate in your wedding! :D

about me

IT support in the weekdays, photographer by the weekend. I guess that line sum up what I really do for living. This is a new blog space for GYP and mostly I will blog about all my passion about photography.

I love photographing just about anything along the way; I always carry my camera around where ever I go! But my real passion is for weddings and portraits. I love photographing people, their emotions, their love stories and photographing their wedding day!

So just drop by here from time to time, do comment along the way and I hope you enjoy the journey with me along the way!