Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my days in KL

where i m on the last weekend:go down KL for the pass 2 weekend is very tiring, but worth it. :) get to try auroline bus and try a few nice food in KL. And not to forget, i get to celebrate FY bday in KL for the first time! :D

Saturday, October 9, 2010

gerrett popcorn

happy bday FY! wait for me, i m coming down to KL to find you now!see you!!! hugz hugz muckz muckz!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Patiscream ice cream

decided to post a pic a day to keep this photoblog alive! so i will go around my archive and pick a pic to post everyday. hehe.

today i would like to share the pic i took when i was in Singapore. i drop by this ice cream shop near train station and bought this ice cream as supper!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

things that i miss

hmm.. i think i miss alot of things. haha. but the thing i miss the most is my vacation! my recent honeymoon!the beautiful sunset! the beach! the relax feel!
and my wife! 'cos she won't be around me this coming week. by thinking of it i already miss you jor.. sobz.
that is her on the infinity pool. hehe. holding a D10 underwater cam, Love it!

and the next person i miss is baby Jacy!wait wait.. uncle George coming to see you tomorrow~! *hug hug* *muck muck*

about me

IT support in the weekdays, photographer by the weekend. I guess that line sum up what I really do for living. This is a new blog space for GYP and mostly I will blog about all my passion about photography.

I love photographing just about anything along the way; I always carry my camera around where ever I go! But my real passion is for weddings and portraits. I love photographing people, their emotions, their love stories and photographing their wedding day!

So just drop by here from time to time, do comment along the way and I hope you enjoy the journey with me along the way!