Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Party 2009

like always we had Christmas party in the office every year on 25th Dec due to some of us need to work night shift. But this year i didn't stay long for the party to finish. i leave the place once we started eating. =]

anyway, i didn't took much this round, not sure what happen after dinner also. but i hope they all enjoy the party and having lots of fun. 'cos i know i m hehe. will blog about my first xmas dinner with Wife someday. :P

so, here are some of the pictures. Some is just for blogging and some is just for memory 2009.

here you go, the ladies getting ready with the white board.
our door gift: they need to go to a few shops to get 50 packs of it.
and the leng lui who pass it to everyone: Mei Lin
why Mei Lin and not Santa himself? 'cos he is busy with work.... i think...
this is also our Q4 bday bash..
our bday cake, i didn't makan. sobz.. look nice right?
and our dinner for the night:
no chance to take the pic of the KFC 'cos everyone was attacking the chicken!

seems like they all enjoying themselves..
hmm.... do you guys notice something? WAHAHHA >_>

anyway, i hope you guys had lots of fun that night during gift exchange.. looking forward for 2010 XMAS :P

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Merry Christmas Everyone

sorry for not blogging much lately. due to really pack with work. 11 days strait is crazy. lucky PG pull out on tomorrow leave else i need to work another day. so finally after so long, i can set my OOO and can wake up late! hehe.

anyway, i do get a break in between the 11 days. i took a few hours off for doing something different this time. that is too shoot for Christmas carol yesterday.

this is the first time i m shooting, and what an experience. To make it even more special, this is the first Christmas carol i went and they all sing in MANDARIN! :S lucky i know abit of mandarin, if not it is going to be hard for me to understand what they are doing. :S

there is not much picture i can show at the moment, but i got some photo off the tree that i would like to share with you guys, and wish you all HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
and two different type of tree..
and the owner of the house, Shirley.
thanks for the wonderful Christmas Carol experience, and thanks for giving me a chance to shoot at this meaningful event. *hugz*

oh ya, not to forget Jael for introducing me to her friend; Another lovely friend of mine. THANKS! *muck*

Saturday, December 12, 2009

olympic bowling team

ok ok. i know the title is "abit" misleading but you will know later why i name it Olympic bowling team. haha.

anyway, this is our first team bowling event. i think we never go bowling together before as a whole group. we did on our off days but never as both team taking off and go together. i would like to thanks all our CR peers for the coverage, if not this will not happen. :) thank you!

it had been awhile since i last pick up a bowling ball. i used to play every weekend with FY, but not anymore after wedding. haha. :P so to play a game after more then 6 months never played. it is tough, my whole body pain after i got back from the game just now. lol. but the most important is we all had lots of fun! hehe.

so we all drop by BJ bowl (i think the last time i play here is like 6 years ago), we divided into 5 teams. each team with 4 people, who have the highest average team score win the game.

but not all turn up, so there is a few teams that is handicap. And the winning team is actually one of it! WOWOW!! Congraz WC, PS and LY! more jusco voucher for you :P

the condition of BJ bowl is getting bad to worst, and yet they charge RM4 per game. -.-" but this is the only bowling alley closer to Eastin Hotel so we don't have much of a choice do we? hehe.

but i still manage to hit a double, but no turkey this round. hehe. so no turkey for X'mas. haha.

and now pictures time! enjoy!

everyone getting ready for the game:
and this is why i call this post olypic bowling team.

the OLYMPIC SIGN! WAHAHHAHA. ok ok i know is a bit lame but this is how the balls line up for me. i just took the pic. lol.
Beh helping us to register our name into the score board:
ML getting ready to hit a few StrikeS! i think she did hit a few strikes and a few spares! i think she is one of the best female in the game. i m so lucky to have her in our team :P 'cos i sucks big time today wahhaha.
Goon getting ready, praying hard:
and some do pose for a pic before they bowl. wahaha. thanks Zaid, we all going to miss you! do keep in touch in FB! :P
another poser and photographer Mr Beh Y C: wohooooooooooo!
and......... this you call bowling??!? eh.. this is throwing wei! haha.
and WC stop right on the line!! the shoe must be from silverstone! hahah
and other faces of the bowler: ML, why always go down the drain? :(
jael: aiyo, easy job lah! (YES SHE HIT A STRIKE!)
and we all so good, until the machine KO! LOL.
and the faces of spectator:
the pretty and the handsome :P

at the end of the day, PG and Beh trying to figure out who is the winner with Beh Iphone 3Gs:
and the winner is, Mr Handsome:
ok ok not really he win lah, but the team win. Then again if you count personal score, he had the highest average score of two game. =] Congraz again to the winning team.

and this is my team, Team A!
From the left, JL, me, Merry and Mr Prince Frog Goon!

last but not least a team pic for those who make it to the end:
the more i look at it the more it looks like JL and TK wedding pic. LOL.

anyway, thanks for the organizing this team event guys! you know who you are! i m so looking forward to the xmas party now! yahooooooooooooooo~!

Lunch at Eastin Hotel

it's been awhile since my last blog post. sorry sorry. i hope this post going to make it up with all those i miss out. hehe. hope you guys like it.

i went for our team event today, and we decided to had our team lunch at eastin hotel penang. they just open few months back so it is a new place and we hoping the food there will be nice.

but, it was a bit disappointed. the food the serve is not that great and not really worth the price. i guess it is just average hotel food you can find in any hotel in penang.

but not all is that bad. the environment is good, maybe is still new. haha. but the place is pack! i wonder is it every lunch time also that full :S. if you guys plan to go better go around 11:30. if not the place will look like any factory canteen. haha.

food wise, cakes and ice cream is nice. oh ya, their grill lamb is nice also. but their source is a bit disappointing and others is just normal.

other then that, the place is just same like any other hotels. =] so enough talking time for pictures~! enjoy~!

the H2O:
the white sugar packet:
the so call "hokkien mee" which is tooooo salty:
the hmmm mango pudding? MC take eh so i don't know what is it, i just borrow to take picture haha.
the cakes:
the superb nice ice cream, i had like 4 biji. wahhaah.
the i don't know what is it. haha another i just borrow to take picture, this time is from Nik.
and the canteen lookalike dinning place:
i took alot photo during the lunch hour, but this is my favorite. trying new technique i learn from wedshooter. using backlight and over expose by 2 to 3 stop. the result, lovely!

guys, let's welcome MC~!
and like always, PG go to other people table and steal their food.

PG: "can i have that, please~~~"
and last but not least. the group of lovely people i work with:
one more missing 'cos he is still on honeymoon! song nya~

hope you guys love the pics! thanks for dropping by. hehe. =]

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